Flats Vastu – Apartment Vastu


Nowadays apartments or flats are becoming popular and are preferred by the public. The people want to live in certain areas only, due to the convenience of market, schools, office, transport, etc., and hesitate to leave that area. As land is a rare commodity and can’t be extended by any possible means, the contractors or owners are ready to encash upon the people’s demand to a particular area. They construct apartments or flats and sell them to the public at lucrative prices.
In ancient times, the uncivilized man lived in caves. Then he lived in cages made of wood and leaves. Man constructed cages or boxes above the trees to avoid danger from wild animals.
The apartments are nothing but mini houses that are constructed collectively.
The Vaastu for apartments also is as useful and important as that of other dwelling houses.


The Vastu shastra power of a indipendent homes can be increased by construction of structures, construction of compound wall etc. But, this is not so in the case of apartments. If the apartments are once constructed, then it is very difficult to change or alter the construction. So improving vaastu Power may be very difficult or almost impossible.
So, the Vaastu Shastra should be strictly followed for construction of apartments. The floor plan of the apartments should be carefully prepared so that the Vaastu principles should be followed to the maximum extent. Hence, the planning stage is very much crucial for apartments or flats.
The Vaastu power can be increased, in an apartment by the arrangement or location of rooms only. The other external or internal structures cannot be constructed in the space, to increase the vaastu strength of the flats.
For example, the kitchen located in the Agni corner (South-east corner) in one flat is good. But, for another flat the kitchen will come in Esana or North-east corner due to the construction. Chimneys for two flats kept at one place, is very bad for the inmates.
Many people who live in FLATS suffer invariably with one or many problems mainly due to the vaastu defect of their flats.


As the space is limited and we have to accommodate all the basic needs for the apartment, the infrastructure like water pipes, sewage pipes, chimneys, drainage etc., are to be arranged at a particular side only for saving construction costs. The rooms are to be arranged according to the space available in the floor. This leads to negligence of important vaastu guidelines for the domicile. As each FLAT has to sacrifice one or more vaastu guidelines, the flat owners or tenants have to suffer ultimately with the vaastu defect. The people purchase their problems with their hard earned money in case of a flat. Sufficient care is to be taken while purchasing a FLAT. So separate houses are better than apartments in many ways. But, due to various factors, people are forced to live in FLATS. Hence, it is OBLIGATORY on the part of promoters or constructors of the apartments, to be more cautious, God fearing and to have an intention to help the flat owners by providing good (as per vaastu) flats to their customers. They should think of their profits as well as their flat holder’s FUTURE which is decided by the vaastu strength of the proposed FLATS. The following are the important vastu shastra guidelines for having a good and fortunate apartment. The selected site (for the apartment) should be in accordance with vaastu. This factor not only helps the promoters for early completion of apartments but they can also earn profits by selling them in a very short time. The flat holder will also have a very good living and they bless the promoters for their development.


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