Hospital Vastu Shastra Tips


Nowadays Nursing homes and hospitals are getting popular and several nursing homes are coming up. The fame and success of nursing homes and hospitals are decided by the vaastu strength of its buildings. Even many famous and skilled doctors have closed their hospitals as their buildings were against the vaastu. So they faced a lot of problems in the maintenance and non-availability of various infrastructures and finally closed them down. When Hospitals or Nursing homes are constructed as per Vaastu Shastra, they will flourish well and get the popularity very soon. The patients will also be cured very quickly and effectively.


1) Consulting Room: The consulting room should be located in the West or North-west side of the building. The Doctors should diagnose the patients by facing North-east or East directions. 
2) Medical Equipments Room: This should be located in the South-west, West or South side of the building. 
3) Store room for Medical apparatus: This room should be in the South West, West or South side only. 
4) Medical ward / ICU : 
a) The emergency patients should be located in the South-west room for immediate healing. 
b) The beds should be arranged so that the patients place their heads in the South or South-west direction. 
c) The unit should be located in the South-west room only. 
5) Electrical Equipments: Generator, Heaters etc., should be located in the South-east or East side rooms. 
6) Operation Theatres: This should be located in the West or South-west side. The Doctors should face East or North direction while doing the operations. Then operations will be quite easier and highly successful. 
The machineries or equipments should be placed at the South-east side. The patients head should be in the South-west side or South side at the time operation inside the operation theatre. The necessary apparatus should be kept in the South or South-west side of the patients’ bed.


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