Hotel Vastu Shastra Tips – Restaurants


The following are the important Vaastu guidelines for Hotels and Restaurants. If these principles are followed sincerely, the hotel will get name and fame very soon.

1) Dining Hall: This is the heart of any hotel or restaurant. This should be always clean and perfumed to little extent.

The dining hall should be located at the West, North or East side. The customers should face East, West or North while eating.

2) Kitchen: The kitchen or hearth should be located at the South-east side only. If it is not possible for some other reason, the North-West side can also be considered for constructing the kitchen room.

3) Store Room: The Store Room for Groceries, Vegetables and Oils etc., should be located in the South-west or South side.

4) The Electrical Equipments like Fridge, Cooling towers etc., should be in the West side of the building.

5) The main entrance of the building should be located in the Uchcha part of any direction in the North-east-East, North-east-North, North-west-West or South-east-South side of the main building.

6) The North-east corner should be avoided for any construction and it should be kept open and clear. If no space is available, at least 3’X3’ space should be provided at the North-east corner.

7) The Generator, Current Switches, Burners etc., should be located at the South-east side and East side.

8) While arranging the dining halls, the sitting arrangements should be properly planned. There should be passages in the East or North side and the dining tables should be located in the West and South sides of the main hall. By doing so, the business will improve day by day. More progress in the hotel business will be achieved very easily.


The important Vaastu guidelines for the construction of lodges are mentioned below, As lodges have a number of tiny rooms, care should be taken in the planning stage itself. The important points are:

1) The customer should relax or sleep with head at the South side for having a happy and homely atmosphere inside the lodge. The cots are to be arranged accordingly.
2) The shelves and cloth wardrobes should be located at the South or South-west side.
3) The suites (individual cottages or big rooms) should be made in the South-east and North-west sides of the lodge.
4) In the bathroom, the mirror should be located on the South wall preferably.
5) The table should be located at the North or East in such a way that the customer sits before the table facing East or North direction.
6) In the reception room, the receptionists should face the North and East direction while transacting with lodge customers.
7) The waiting persons should face South or West side while waiting for rooms. The Sofa or reception benches are to be arranged accordingly.
8) The store room for clothes, beds, pillows etc., should be constructed at the South or South-west also.
9) The name of the lodge should be attractive and should have good positive sound vibrations. The words like OO, NO, LO, SU, SH, WAR should not be in the name. This will reduce the fortunes of the lodge.


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