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Vastu Website from India, this science of vastu shastra first came into existeance thousands of years back. Now in India everywhere Vastu Consultant experts are available. People invest crores of rupees in setting up of an industry, factory, mill etc. They construct many buildings according to their needs and deeds.

They employ hundreds of labourers, supervisors, managers etc to their company or industry. They plan their activities in detail in order to have continuous production and economic viability. However, they reveal less enthusiasm for Vastu Shastra. For big or small industries, companies and for all other working places, Vastu Shastra principles may be followed in order…

This will help them to grow year after year and it assures peace and profits. If vastu Shastra is not followed properly then it may cause innumerable problems in labour, production and marketing and the continuance of the unit will be in jeopardy.

Hence, while planning for the buildings, Vaastu should be strictly followed at the planning stage itself. The location of the main building and auxiliary units are to be decided in accordance with the vaastu.

Otherwise, the rectification works (if not constructed as per Vaastu Shastra) will be costlier and also time consuming. Moreover, we have to suffer with the bad results of the Vasthu power; the project will not be completed in time; further problems in labour, raw materials, production and marketing will be experienced and heavy losses become inevitable. Read our vastu website Tips for happy business.


1. The main entrance of the Industrial establishment is located at the neecha part(wrong placement) of the sides. Many industries are suffering badly because their main entrance is located at the south-west corner (both sides), Agni corner East (South-east-East) and North-west-North (Vayu-North).

2) The East and North sides of the industrial plots are blocked by big buildings.

3) The septic tank, water tank and other underground features are constructed at the South, West and South-West side of the premises.

4) The closure or blockade of the North-East corner by constructing a building, watch tower etc.

5) The main building is located at the North-West side of the plot.


1) The important machineries and heavy weight machineries and materials should be installed or kept at the South-West, West and South sides of the premises. These buildings are also to be located at the South, West and South-West sides of the total area.

2) The main entrance or gate should be located at the North-east-East, North-east-North, North-West-West or South-east-South sides only. There is no compromise for the main entrance.

3) The water plants (underground structure) should be constructed at the East or North side of the total area.

4) The production room: (INVOLVING HEAT)

The South-e4ast corner is the best location. North-west may be considered as a secondary direction.

5) Store room for raw materials: South-West, South and West sides are suitable.

6) Location of Telephone: The telephone should be placed in the North or East part of any room.

7) Conference Hall: It should be in the North, West and North-west side of the building.

8) Research and Development: West side is suitable for R & D Department. North-west and South-east sides can also be considered.

9) Sales Department: North-West is best suited. North and East can also be considered.

10) Administration Office: It should be at the East or North side of the total area/building. North-east side can also be considered without blocking the North-east corner.

11) Reception Room or Waiting Room: North-east and East sides are best suited.

12) Owner/Manager Room: It should be on the south-west side, the floor should be at least a few inches higher than the main building. If it is not possible, then East or North side can also be considered as a secondary option.

13) A.C. Plant: The AC plant should be at the North or North-east side without blocking the North-east corner.

14) Diesel or Oil Storage: This should be at the South or South-West of the total area.

15) Labour Quarters: This should be located in the South-east or North-west side of the total area. South-west side can also be considered in extreme cases.

16) Generator and other heat equipments: This should be located at the South side or East side towards South-east-East.

17) Display and storage of finished goods: North-West side is best suited. West side many also be considered.

18) Boilers and Furnaces: South-east side is the best side. East side can also be considered.

19) Water treating plants: West and North-west sides are best suited.

20) Medical Aid Room: This should be located at the South-west or West side of the plant.

21) Advertising displays or Boards: North-west and South-west sides are good for this purpose.

22) Cash counter: It should be located at the North, North-east or East of the building.

23) Sales counters: North, East and North-west sides are good. The salesman should face North or East direction, while transacting the business.

24) Delivery counters: North-west, West and North sides are good for this purpose.

25) A fountain may be constructed at the north-east direction of the industrial unit. This enhances the inflow of money and financial rotation. But, this has to be maintained properly.

26) Toilets should be located at the south-east or north-west area of the building or outside the compound area.

27) Waste materials, scraps, raw materials or finished products should not be kept at the north-east corner area.

28) North-West corner of the compound wall should not be closed. This will give very bad results. The financial progress will be disturbed and it will lead to closure of the industry.

29) The effluent treatment plant should be constructed at the central north or central east and its outlet should be towards the north-east, east or north.


VAASTU SHASTRA is simple and easy to follow. But the results are effect give and continuous! So plan your construction after consulting a Vaastu Shastri.


Nowadays Nursing homes and hospitals are getting popular and several nursing homes are coming up. The fame and success of nursing homes and hospitals are decided by the vaastu strength of its buildings. Even many famous and skilled doctors have closed their hospitals as their buildings were against the vaastu. So they faced a lot of problems in the maintenance and non-availability of various infrastructures and finally closed them down. When Hospitals or Nursing homes are constructed as per Vaastu Shastra, they will flourish well and get the popularity very soon. The patients will also be cured very quickly and effectively.


1) Consulting Room: The consulting room should be located in the West or North-west side of the building. The Doctors should diagnose the patients by facing North-east or East directions.
2) Medical Equipments Room: This should be located in the South-west, West or South side of the building.
3) Store room for Medical apparatus: This room should be in the South West, West or South side only.
4) Medical ward / ICU :
a) The emergency patients should be located in the South-west room for immediate healing.
b) The beds should be arranged so that the patients place their heads in the South or South-west direction.
c) The unit should be located in the South-west room only.
5) Electrical Equipments: Generator, Heaters etc., should be located in the South-east or East side rooms.
6) Operation Theatres: This should be located in the West or South-west side. The Doctors should face East or North direction while doing the operations. Then operations will be quite easier and highly successful.
The machineries or equipments should be placed at the South-east side. The patients head should be in the South-west side or South side at the time operation inside the operation theatre. The necessary apparatus should be kept in the South or South-west side of the patients’ bed.


The following are the important Vaastu guidelines for Hotels and Restaurants. If these principles are followed sincerely, the hotel will get name and fame very soon.
1) Dining Hall: This is the heart of any hotel or restaurant. This should be always clean and perfumed to little extent.

The dining hall should be located at the West, North or East side. The customers should face East, West or North while eating.
2) Kitchen: The kitchen or hearth should be located at the South-east side only. If it is not possible for some other reason, the North-West side can also be considered for constructing the kitchen room.
3) Store Room: The Store Room for Groceries, Vegetables and Oils etc., should be located in the South-west or South side.
4) The Electrical Equipments like Fridge, Cooling towers etc., should be in the West side of the building.
5) The main entrance of the building should be located in the Uchcha part of any direction in the North-east-East, North-east-North, North-west-West or South-east-South side of the main building.
6) The North-east corner should be avoided for any construction and it should be kept open and clear. If no space is available, at least 3’X3’ space should be provided at the North-east corner.
7) The Generator, Current Switches, Burners etc., should be located at the South-east side and East side.
8) While arranging the dining halls, the sitting arrangements should be properly planned. There should be passages in the East or North side and the dining tables should be located in the West and South sides of the main hall. By doing so, the business will improve day by day. More progress in the hotel business will be achieved very easily.


The important Vaastu guidelines for the construction of lodges are mentioned below, As lodges have a number of tiny rooms, care should be taken in the planning stage itself. The important points are:

1) The customer should relax or sleep with head at the South side for having a happy and homely atmosphere inside the lodge. The cots are to be arranged accordingly.
2) The shelves and cloth wardrobes should be located at the South or South-west side.
3) The suites (individual cottages or big rooms) should be made in the South-east and North-west sides of the lodge.
4) In the bathroom, the mirror should be located on the South wall preferably.
5) The table should be located at the North or East in such a way that the customer sits before the table facing East or North direction.
6) In the reception room, the receptionists should face the North and East direction while transacting with lodge customers.
7) The waiting persons should face South or West side while waiting for rooms. The Sofa or reception benches are to be arranged accordingly.
8) The store room for clothes, beds, pillows etc., should be constructed at the South or South-west also.
9) The name of the lodge should be attractive and should have good positive sound vibrations. The words like OO, NO, LO, SU, SH, WAR should not be in the name. This will reduce the fortunes of the lodge.
For further details the author may be consulted for guidances.


Nowadays apartments or flats are becoming popular and are preferred by the public. The people want to live in certain areas only, due to the convenience of market, schools, office, transport, etc., and hesitate to leave that area. As land is a rare commodity and can’t be extended by any possible means, the contractors or owners are ready to encash upon the people’s demand to a particular area. They construct apartments or flats and sell them to the public at lucrative prices.
In ancient times, the uncivilized man lived in caves. Then he lived in cages made of wood and leaves. Man constructed cages or boxes above the trees to avoid danger from wild animals.
The apartments are nothing but mini houses that are constructed collectively.
The Vaastu for apartments also is as useful and important as that of other dwelling houses.


The Vastu shastra power of a indipendent homes can be increased by construction of structures, construction of compound wall etc. But, this is not so in the case of apartments. If the apartments are once constructed, then it is very difficult to change or alter the construction. So improving vaastu Power may be very difficult or almost impossible.
So, the Vaastu Shastra should be strictly followed for construction of apartments. The floor plan of the apartments should be carefully prepared so that the Vaastu principles should be followed to the maximum extent. Hence, the planning stage is very much crucial for apartments or flats.
The Vaastu power can be increased, in an apartment by the arrangement or location of rooms only. The other external or internal structures cannot be constructed in the space, to increase the vaastu strength of the flats.
For example, the kitchen located in the Agni corner (South-east corner) in one flat is good. But, for another flat the kitchen will come in Esana or North-east corner due to the construction. Chimneys for two flats kept at one place, is very bad for the inmates.
Many people who live in FLATS suffer invariably with one or many problems mainly due to the vaastu defect of their flats.


As the space is limited and we have to accommodate all the basic needs for the apartment, the infrastructure like water pipes, sewage pipes, chimneys, drainage etc., are to be arranged at a particular side only for saving construction costs. The rooms are to be arranged according to the space available in the floor. This leads to negligence of important vaastu guidelines for the domicile. As each FLAT has to sacrifice one or more vaastu guidelines, the flat owners or tenants have to suffer ultimately with the vaastu defect. The people purchase their problems with their hard earned money in case of a flat. Sufficient care is to be taken while purchasing a FLAT. So separate houses are better than apartments in many ways. But, due to various factors, people are forced to live in FLATS. Hence, it is OBLIGATORY on the part of promoters or constructors of the apartments, to be more cautious, God fearing and to have an intention to help the flat owners by providing good (as per vaastu) flats to their customers. They should think of their profits as well as their flat holder’s FUTURE which is decided by the vaastu strength of the proposed FLATS. The following are the important vastu shastra guidelines for having a good and fortunate apartment. The selected site (for the apartment) should be in accordance with vaastu. This factor not only helps the promoters for early completion of apartments but they can also earn profits by selling them in a very short time. The flat holder will also have a very good living and they bless the promoters for their development.


1) The apartment site should not be at a lower level when compared to the adjoining plots or surrounding lands.
2) The site should be either a square or rectangle in shape. If it is a rectangle, then the length of the plot should not be more than twice the width. If the length is more than twice, the energy field becomes very thin and weak which cannot produce useful results to the apartments.
3) If the plot is in an irregular shape, the plot has to be adjusted to a square or rectangular shape or divide the area into two parts and separate the small area which causes the irregular shape for other purposes. This is to be done in consultation with a vaastu consultant.
4) The site should be cleaned well. The ups and downs or undulations of the site should be leveled with a tractor or a bulldozer. The South-West side should be more elevated than all other directions.
5) The Bhoomi Pooja or Foundation Ceremony should be performed on an auspicious day.
6) The following vaastu guidelines will help the apartment’s promoters to have a well balanced vaastu flat.

We should treat each FLAT as a single HOUSE and then amalgamate them into apartments. The following principles should be followed for each house or flat.

1) The main entrance or door should be located at the Uchcha part of any direction. The main entrance of a flat decides the progress of the inmates.
2) The staircases should not be constructed at the North-east side.
3) The balcony and moving passages should be provided at the North, East sides of the stores for movement.
4) The drainage or used sluggish water should be drained through the East or North side as far as possible.
5) The number of doors/windows should be in even numbers.
6) Toilet, bedroom and bathroom should not be constructed at the North-east side of the FLAT.
7) The kitchen or hearth should be at the South-east side or North-west side of the flats. But, the stove should be in the South-east corner of the kitchen room.
8) The closets of the toilets should be arranged such that the user should face South or North direction.
9) The flats are to be made up of concrete beams and pillars. The number of such items should also be in even numbers.
10) The level of the balcony or passage that are proposed in the North side or East side should be lower than or equal to the main building.
11) The balcony or passage in the West or South should be restricted and more elevated than the main floor (by a few inches)
12) When the main door is fixed on the West side, a door or a big window should be provided at the East side. For North faced main entrance, a window should be provided at the South.
13) The windows or doors or other openings should be made at the East or North side, as far as possible.
14) The location of main doors in Neecha part should be avoided for whatever reason. This is highly detrimental to the flat holders.
15) The car parking or CELLAR should be constructed (in the underground) in the East or North side of the plot. The South and West side of the underground floor can be used for store rooms or godowns etc.,
16) The main gates and small utility gates should be located at the exact centre or Uchcha part of the facing direction of the apartments.
17) The watchman’s cabin or room should not be constructed at the North-east corner of the plot.

If the apartments are not constructed as per vaastu, then flat holders or flat tenants will have to suffer. So the apartment’s promoters are requested to consult a vaastu specialist for guidance at every stage of construction. The existing FLAT DWELLERS who have various problems are requested to consult with a vaastu consultant and assess the Flat’s vaastu defects. They should do remedial steps immediately. The Chinese Feng Shui is very much helpful for rectification work. Moreover, they can improve FORTUNES of their FLATS with Feng Shui articles or by doing vaastu (minor) rectification if possible.


A profession or business is the most important factor of man’s life. Every man’s success or failure is decided by his expertise and his earnings, in his job, profession or business. There is a Tamil proverb which says that the greatness of a man’s job or profession is the attraction of a man, than his physical appearance. Exertion is a manly quality. The office, shop or building where we do business or work should also be according to Vaastu Shastra. It is to be remembered that most part of our life is spent at our working places. If the vaastu is followed there, then the office or business will be carried out in a cordial atmosphere and show progress year after year. Business will be successful. If vaastu is not followed there, there will be confusion, bossism and quarrel among the staff (or servant) and the business will be closed down in due course. Loss in business also becomes inevitable day by day. Whatever be the experience, investment and capacity of the staff or owner, will all be wasted. The internal problems become continuous in the establishments. Profits will be affected and unwanted expenditures will become uncontrollable. The vaastu of a shop or any working place has a direct influence over MAN, as that of his house. The VAASTU SHASTRA sincerely worries about people’s development. It likes to be an ARMOUR to man, in fighting with his struggles, in life. Having been born in this world, we have to live purposefully and the living should also be a remarkable one. As we saw earlier, the various natural forces or energies are acting upon man continuously and affecting him spontaneously.


Young and energetic men are handsome. But, when they become aged or old, they become hump-backed. Their lovely, fleshy cheeks and their skin becomes dry and hanging over the body! Why? The natural forces (eg. Gravitational force) are acting upon man continuously with the same intensity (9.8 m/sec2) forever. Man counters these forces by his vital energies and his body becomes healthy and handsome, so long as he is able to overcome these forces. But, when he attains old age the vital energies are slowly dried up or wasted and he readily succumbs to natural forces and his body droops down. In the same way, natural force are always acting over man and we have to counter or fight with them with VAASTU FORCES in order to overcome them and live for a better living. So, for a shop, office, showroom, mills, factories or industries etc., the vaastu shastra should be strictly followed without fail. Even a small vaastu defect can lead to huge losses. Hence, it is necessary to know the vaastu principles for shop and other working places. The location and shape of the plot is more important for a shop or any commercial set up.


The shop should not have more width at the front side and should slowly shorten to the rear side as shown in the figure. This is called as “GOMUKH” (means face of a cow) plot. This will create very bad results on the business. If the width of the rear side of the shop (or plot) is less and, then widens to the outer or front side of the shop, then it is called as “Crow Face” which is very good for business and it increases the profits. The shape of the place or site should not be TRIANGULAR or have IRREGULAR or CROOKED SHAPES. This will RUIN the business and will lead to closure in one day. Even if you invest a huge amount and toil there with your vast experiences, Govt. Assistance etc., all are going to be in vain if the industries, factories are situated in a triangular or other irregular shaped places. A small factory which is highly planned with vaastu shastra, can easily over take a big industry. Now let us see in detail about the VAASTU GUIDELINES FOR SHOP, WORKSHOP etc.,

1. The shape of the building or shop should be square or rectangle.
2. The name of the shop or establishment should be in accordance with


3. If you want to construct a shop in your house for your own purpose, it should be constructed in the North-east side of the main building. But, this should not be rented out to others for doing business.
4. The cleaned water of a shop or building should be drained out into the East or North side without touching the North-east corner.
5. The shelves should be arranged in such a way that heavy goods, articles etc., are kept in the South, West and South-west sides. These shelves can be made on walls also. The shelves on the North and East should be small and the North-east side should be avoided with loading of articles.
6. More goods or articles should be kept in the West or South sides when compared to the East or North side. After the sale of goods in the North or East shelves, the goods stored in the South or West direction are to be taken out and arranged in the North or East shelves. The North-East corner should have at least one sq.ft. Open area.
7. If there is sufficient space available in the shop or showroom, we can construct a small water hole or water tank in the North-East side and cover the hole or tank by a cement concrete slab. The drainage water may be collected in the hole or tank and discharged outside from that corner.
8. The cleaning or washing works should be commenced in the South-west side and completed in the North-east side. The cleaning or washing works should be done with a wet cloth at the North-east side, where as other sides can be cleaned or washed, by using broomsticks.
9. The waste materials such as waste cloths, old articles or brooms etc., should not be kept at the North-east corner.
10. We should put picture or idol of Gods at the North-east corner and worship by facing the North-east side. This will surprisingly improve the business manifold.
11. The floor levels of the shop or business places should be maintained as told in the earlier chapters. The water poured on the South-west corner should be drained from the North-east corner.
12. The extension or shortage of the shop corners should be corrected at least at the floor levels of the shop, by constructing small platforms wherever the sides are deviated.
Now let us see in detail, about the vaastu principles for the various directions of shops.


The shop owner should sit and transact the business at the (vayu corner) North-west or South-west corner of the shop. He should not lean on the North wall while doing business (when he sits at the North-west corner). An elevated platform or bench may be used for sitting by the owner as shown in the fig. It the shutters are to be constructed, it can be for total length or partial length, depending on the width of the front side. But, the partial opening shutters should be arranged from the middle North to North-east corner of the shop! The other half side shutter can be opened or closed depending on the need. The customers should enter the shop at the uchcha side of the North direction only. The shutters on the North-east side should not be closed at any cost. The steps should be constructed either for full length or half-length as told for shutters (North to North-east side) and can be used. The shop owner should face East or North while doing business. He should keep his cash box to his left side while facing North side and to right side while facing east.


This shop can bring huge fortunes if the shop is arranged according to vaastu. The shop owner should sit at the South-west corner, at an elevated level as shown in the figure.The floor levels should be done as shown in the fig. The owner should sit facing North or East sides. The cash box should be kept to his right side while facing the East direction. The cash box should be at his left side while facing the North direction. The shutters should be constructed either to full length or at the uchcha part of the South direction. The customers should enter the shop from the uchcha passage or entrance only. If two shutters are constructed, the South-west shutter should be closed and the South-east shutter should be opened for all purposes. Both the shutters can also be opened at a time. For the South facing shops, a bench or platform may be kept at the South-west side and the steps for entrance can be constructed at the Southeast-South direction as shown in fig.


For West facing shops, the shop owner should sit on the elevated seat at the South-west side only. The other directions are not useful for the shop owner. Some of the shop owners sit in the North-west corner for the sake of convenience, but it is not recommended in vaastu. The shop owner should face East or North direction while doing business. The cash box should be kept, as explained earlier. When you are constructing two shutters, you can use both the shutters at a time or use the North-west shutter for doing all business. The idols or pictures of Gods should be kept at the North-east side and worshipped there. But, those cannot be kept at the backside of your seat (South walls). The cement platforms or benches can be constructed at the South-west side and things can be kept there. The steps can be constructed at the Northwest-West side and can be used for entering into the shop.


For these shops, the shop owners should sit at the South-west or South-east (Agni) side as mentioned in the fig. An elevated platform may be used while sitting on the South-west corner and no such arrangement is required while sitting at the South-east side. The shop owner should face East or North while doing the business. The cash box should be kept to his left side while facing North direction and to his right side while facing East direction. If there are two shutters, the North-east side shutter can be opened and utilized for business transaction. There is no harm in opening both the shutters for business. The customers should enter through the uchcha part of the East direction. The steps should be constructed to full length of the shop or in the North East side of the shop which can be used as entrance steps.


1. The owner should face East or North or North-east direction, irrespective of the shop direction.
2. The shop servants or salesmen should face North or East direction only.
3. The fast moving goods or the finished products should be kept at the North-west direction.
4. The affliction of vaastu will lead to dull the business and create more debtors. The recovery of the hand loans will be difficult.
5. The advertising materials or name boards are to be kept in the North-west corner in addition to the normal name hoard.
6. The shop should be inaugurated on an auspicious day as per numerology also.

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