Factory Vastu Shastra Tips – Remedies For Sick Industries

In this page, we will discuss about vastu for factories, what are the important factors that make industries into debts.


1. The main entrance of the Industrial establishment is located at the neecha part(wrong placement) of the sides. Many industries are suffering badly because their main entrance is located at the south-west corner (both sides), Agni corner East (South-east-East) and North-west-North (Vayu-North).

2) The East and North sides of the industrial plots are blocked by big buildings.

3) The septic tank, water tank and other underground features are constructed at the South, West and South-West side of the premises.

4) The closure or blockade of the North-East corner by constructing a building, watch tower etc.

5) The main building is located at the North-West side of the plot.


1) The important machinery and heavy weight machineries and materials should be installed or kept at the South-West, West and South sides of the premises. These buildings are also to be located at the South, West and South-West sides of the total area.

2) The main entrance or gate should be located at the North-east-East, North-east-North, North-West-West or South-east-South sides only. There is no compromise for the main entrance.

3) The water plants (underground structure) should be constructed at the East or North side of the total area.

4) The production room: (INVOLVING HEAT)

The South-e4ast corner is the best location. North-west may be considered as a secondary direction.

5) Store room for raw materials: South-West, South and West sides are suitable.

6) Location of Telephone: The telephone should be placed in the North or East part of any room.

7) Conference Hall: It should be in the North, West and North-west side of the building.

8) Research and Development: West side is suitable for R & D Department. North-west and South-east sides can also be considered.

9) Sales Department: North-West is best suited. North and East can also be considered.

10) Administration Office: It should be at the East or North side of the total area/building. North-east side can also be considered without blocking the North-east corner.

11) Reception Room or Waiting Room: North-east and East sides are best suited.

12) Owner/Manager Room: It should be on the south-west side, the floor should be at least a few inches higher than the main building. If it is not possible, then East or North side can also be considered as a secondary option.

13) A.C. Plant: The AC plant should be at the North or North-east side without blocking the North-east corner.

14) Diesel or Oil Storage: This should be at the South or South-West of the total area.

15) Labour Quarters: This should be located in the South-east or North-west side of the total area. South-west side can also be considered in extreme cases.

16) Generator and other heat equipments: This should be located at the South side or East side towards South-east-East.

17) Display and storage of finished goods: North-West side is best suited. West side many also be considered.

18) Boilers and Furnaces: South-east side is the best side. East side can also be considered.

19) Water treating plants: West and North-west sides are best suited.

20) Medical Aid Room: This should be located at the South-west or West side of the plant.

21) Advertising displays or Boards: North-west and South-west sides are good for this purpose.

22) Cash counter: It should be located at the North, North-east or East of the building.

23) Sales counters: North, East and North-west sides are good. The salesman should face North or East direction, while transacting the business.

24) Delivery counters: North-west, West and North sides are good for this purpose.

25) A fountain may be constructed at the north-east direction of the industrial unit. This enhances the inflow of money and financial rotation. But, this has to be maintained properly.

26) Toilets should be located at the south-east or north-west area of the building or outside the compound area.

27) Waste materials, scraps, raw materials or finished products should not be kept at the north-east corner area.

28) North-West corner of the compound wall should not be closed. This will give very bad results. The financial progress will be disturbed and it will lead to closure of the industry.

29) The effluent treatment plant should be constructed at the central north or central east and its outlet should be towards the north-east, east or north.


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