Sites Vastu | Which Site We Should Bought:


1) The apartment site should not be at a lower level when compared to the adjoining plots or surrounding lands. 
2) The site should be either a square or rectangle in shape. If it is a rectangle, then the length of the plot should not be more than twice the width. If the length is more than twice, the energy field becomes very thin and weak which cannot produce useful results to the apartments. 
3) If the plot is in an irregular shape, the plot has to be adjusted to a square or rectangular shape or divide the area into two parts and separate the small area which causes the irregular shape for other purposes. This is to be done in consultation with a vaastu consultant. 
4) The site should be cleaned well. The ups and downs or undulations of the site should be leveled with a tractor or a bulldozer. The South-West side should be more elevated than all other directions. 
5) The Bhoomi Pooja or Foundation Ceremony should be performed on an auspicious day. 
6) The following vaastu guidelines will help the apartment’s promoters to have a well balanced vaastu flat.

We should treat each FLAT as a single HOUSE and then amalgamate them into apartments. The following principles should be followed for each house or flat.

1) The main entrance or door should be located at the Uchcha part of any direction. The main entrance of a flat decides the progress of the inmates. 
2) The staircases should not be constructed at the North-east side. 
3) The balcony and moving passages should be provided at the North, East sides of the stores for movement. 
4) The drainage or used sluggish water should be drained through the East or North side as far as possible. 
5) The number of doors/windows should be in even numbers. 
6) Toilet, bedroom and bathroom should not be constructed at the North-east side of the FLAT. 
7) The kitchen or hearth should be at the South-east side or North-west side of the flats. But, the stove should be in the South-east corner of the kitchen room. 
8) The closets of the toilets should be arranged such that the user should face South or North direction. 
9) The flats are to be made up of concrete beams and pillars. The number of such items should also be in even numbers. 
10) The level of the balcony or passage that are proposed in the North side or East side should be lower than or equal to the main building. 
11) The balcony or passage in the West or South should be restricted and more elevated than the main floor (by a few inches) 
12) When the main door is fixed on the West side, a door or a big window should be provided at the East side. For North faced main entrance, a window should be provided at the South. 
13) The windows or doors or other openings should be made at the East or North side, as far as possible. 
14) The location of main doors in Neecha part should be avoided for whatever reason. This is highly detrimental to the flat holders. 
15) The car parking or CELLAR should be constructed (in the underground) in the East or North side of the plot. The South and West side of the underground floor can be used for store rooms or godowns etc., 
16) The main gates and small utility gates should be located at the exact centre or Uchcha part of the facing direction of the apartments. 
17) The watchman’s cabin or room should not be constructed at the North-east corner of the plot.

If the apartments are not constructed as per vaastu, then flat holders or flat tenants will have to suffer. So the apartment’s promoters are requested to consult a vaastu specialist for guidance at every stage of construction. The existing FLAT DWELLERS who have various problems are requested to consult with a vaastu consultant and assess the Flat’s vaastu defects. They should do remedial steps immediately. The Chinese Feng Shui is very much helpful for rectification work. Moreover, they can improve FORTUNES of their FLATS with Feng Shui articles or by doing vaastu (minor) rectification if possible.


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