West Facing House Vastu Remedies

West facing House Vastu

If you’re looking for some tips on Vastu for west facing house, read on! We’ll go over what colors to use, where to put the main door, and ideal professions for this kind of house. Keep reading to find out how to make your west-facing house as auspicious as possible! There’s a lot to learn! And, you can make some of your dreams a reality by implementing these tips.

Taking the time to find a professional Astro-Vastu consultant is the best way to maximize the benefits and increase the value of your house. It is also important to use proper Vastu advice when building a west facing house.

Colors to use in a west-facing house

  1. For a room with a west-facing exposure, use colors with cool undertones.
  2. Gray Owl is the perfect combination of cool blue and warm undertones. This color will brighten up a small west-facing room and balance out the golden evening light.
  3. You should avoid bright colors such as yellow, orange, or red. Rather, go for neutral colors such as beige or off-white.
  4. Dark colors, such as black, can make rooms look cold and closed in the west-facing direction.
  5. Neutral colors with warm undertones will make rooms feel cozy and inviting.
  6. Avoid dark colors because they do not reflect light as well. If you do choose a darker color, avoid red-orange or purple.
  7. However, if you’re painting the entire house, be sure to use neutral colors that will bring out the best features of the room.
  8. When choosing colors for a west-facing house, keep in mind that the light will naturally warm up a west-facing room.
  9. It’s important to remember that when the sun goes down, it will turn darker, so it’s important to select the right color for the space.
  10. You can balance warm and cool hues by choosing neutral white.
  11. A neutral white or cool color with a green undertone will balance the overall look and feel of the room.

Ideal professions for a west-facing house

  1. People with a west-facing home will enjoy good health and wealth, and they will have few enemies.
  2. It is closely associated with art, crafts, and the gods of the Hindu pantheon.
  3. A west-facing house is ideal for a businessman, politician, teacher, religious leader, or young person.
  4. It is also a good choice for someone in the technology, manufacturing, oil & gas, mining, or agriculture industries.
  5. Those born in a west-facing house are ideal for positions in business, politics, and teaching.
  6. People born in a west-facing home are usually very energetic and outgoing.
  7. People who live in a west-facing house tend to be social and outgoing. However, it may be difficult for them to sleep in a west-facing house because it is dark during the morning hours.
  8. People born in these houses have an inclination toward wealth, and it is, therefore, vital to use this fact to your advantage when planning your career and life.


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