North Facing House Vastu Remedies

You might wonder which directions are auspicious for your house. Well, if your house is facing the north, you can use the Vastu For North Facing House plan to choose the right direction for your home.

A North Facing house is considered to be the most auspicious because of its location in the energy field of Mukhya, Bhallat, and Diti. Mukhya, Bhallat, and Diti are most auspicious. The name Mukhya means abundance, and Bhallat represents the deity of colossal abundance. If the main entrance is placed in any of these padas, then the building will be blessed with wealth.

While it is possible to build a north-facing house, it should be Vastu-compliant. In addition, any defects in the house should be removed before the house is built.

15 Vastu Tips for North Direction Homes

  1. A north-facing house is also the best for those in the Karka (Cancer) Rashi and Meen (Pisces) Rashi.
  2. The living room should be situated on the northwest or northeast corner. Then, you can place your furniture in the southwest or west of the living room.
  3. The north direction should not be blocked by trees and other objects.
  4. A garden in the east or west is considered auspicious, but one in the south is considered inauspicious.
  5. The north direction should not be in the path of the sun when constructing a house. The sun should be directly overhead and not in an inauspicious constellation.
  6. Besides being auspicious, a north-facing house is also beneficial for its occupants. The god of wealth, Kubera, rules this direction, and a north-facing house will attract wealth to its occupants.
  7. North-facing house is not suitable for everyone, but it depends on the occupation of the owner or occupants.
  8. Vastu principles associate the north-facing house with Mercury, which is good news for entrepreneurs and people in the financial services industry.
  9. A north-facing house would be beneficial for financial services and stock market traders since this direction is related to the planet Mercury and the element water.
  10. If you’re in the entertainment, media, or e-commerce industry, a north-facing house would be beneficial for you.
  11. The walls of the house should be shorter than those in the south and west directions.
  12. The main entrance and staircase should be located in the north direction.
  13. The kitchen should be located in the SE or NW. The room should face east when cooking.
  14. The guest room should be located in the NW, while the master bedroom should be in the SW direction.
  15. The bathroom should face the north-east direction. The bathroom location should not face the south-west or east-west direction. Also, the bathroom should not be placed in the center of the house.