South Facing House Vastu Remedies

If you are planning to build a south-facing house, you must first read up on its Vastu for South Facing House. It explains how the placement of the main entrance, master bedroom, pooja room, boundary walls, and pooja room is essential for your health and happiness. Then, you will learn about the benefits of having a south-facing house. The article also describes the different astrological benefits of the south-facing house.

As the name suggests, the south-facing direction brings negativity. However, if you follow the Vastu principles, it can help you rid your home of negative energy. You can do this by repositioning the entrance in the same direction as the house. This way, the negative energy will not affect you. If you live in a south-facing house, you must remember that Vastu can help you design a home that’s free of negativity.

18 Vastu principles for a south facing house

Most of us are not sure whether a south-facing house is a good or bad Vastu property. It all depends on various factors like flooring criteria, placement of water sources, the internal arrangement of rooms, pooja room, etc. The following are some basic Vastu tips that will help you build a south-facing house.

  1. Avoid placing the main entrance in the southwest corner of the house.
  2. In a south-facing house, you should avoid placing the kitchen and bore-well in the SW part of the site.
  3. Avoid cutting into the south or adding an extension to the north. The north-facing part of the house should have a lot more open space than the south-facing side.
  4. The Master bedroom should be on the highest level and the kitchen should be on the southeast part of the house. This will help balance the elements of fire and water and also brings prosperity.
  5. A northeast master bedroom is not a good choice, as it will be dominated by the negative energy of the south. Similarly, a southeast guest bedroom is not a good choice for the head of the household.
  6. The master bedroom should be located in the south-western part of the house.
  7. The southwest direction of the master bedroom is considered to be the most auspicious. It will provide a sense of tranquility and comfort. It will also help the house to feel more stable and provide the inner strength to deal with important issues.
  8. A south-facing house is most beneficial for those who are associated with business and service. The southern-facing direction is believed to bring prosperity and abundance.
  9. The Vastu of the Pooja room is an essential part of the overall Vastu plan of a home. The Pooja room’s Vastu is directly related to the peace and happiness it fosters.
  10. Ideally, the pooja room should face the east. Next, best positions are the north and the east.
  11. The pooja room should not be located beneath a staircase or next to a toilet wall.
  12. A south-facing house’s pooja room is considered auspicious in terms of wealth and prosperity.
  13. While the north and the east are the most important direction for boundary walls, the south and west are less important.
  14. It’s also best to avoid building boundary walls that extend to the northwest, southwest, or southeast.
  15. A south-facing house should also avoid building a boundary wall with holes in it. Likewise, walls facing north, east, and west should not be solid.
  16. A south-facing house should not have a south-facing gate, as it can cause the entrance to have a lower level than the other two.
  17. Southern doors should be higher than the northern ones. This is because southern walls bring more cosmic energy than northern walls.
  18. The south wall of the house should be painted in orange or red, while the north and east walls should be painted in light colors.


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