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Many residents asking What is Vastu Shastra

Dear Visitor, we are planning to provide amazing information on this Indian Vastu Shastra website. Be in touch with this Vaastu website.

This science of vastu shastra first came into existence thousands of years back. Now in India everywhere we can come across vastu consultants, we need to choose only the experts, not ordinary vastu consultants.

People invest crores of rupees in setting up of industry, factory, mill, etc. They construct many buildings according to their needs and deeds.

They employ hundreds of laborers, supervisors, managers, etc to their company or industry. They plan their activities in detail in order to have continuous production and economic viability. However, they reveal less enthusiasm for Vastu Shastra. For big or small industries, companies and for all other working places, Vastu Shastra principles may be followed in order…

This will help them to grow year after year and it assures peace and profits. If vastu Shastra is not followed properly then it may cause innumerable problems in labour, production and marketing and the continuance of the unit will be in jeopardy.

Hence, while planning for the buildings, Vaastu should be strictly followed at the planning stage itself. The location of the main building and auxiliary units are to be decided in accordance with the vaastu.

Otherwise, the rectification works (if not constructed as per Vaastu Shastra) will be costlier and also time-consuming. Moreover, we have to suffer with the bad results of the Vasthu power; the project will not be completed in time; further problems with labor, raw materials, production, and marketing will be experienced and heavy losses become inevitable. Read our vastu tips for happy business.

VAASTU SHASTRA is simple and easy to follow. But the results are effect give and continuous! So plan your construction after consulting a Vaastu Shastri.


Young and energetic men are handsome. But, when they become aged or old, they become hump-backed. Their lovely, fleshy cheeks and their skin becomes dry and hanging over the body! Why? The natural forces (eg. Gravitational force) are acting upon man continuously with the same intensity (9.8 m/sec2) forever. Man counters these forces by his vital energies and his body becomes healthy and handsome, so long as he is able to overcome these forces. But, when he attains old age the vital energies are slowly dried up or wasted and he readily succumbs to natural forces and his body droops down. In the same way, natural force are always acting over man and we have to counter or fight with them with VAASTU FORCES in order to overcome them and live for a better living. So, for a shop, office, showroom, mills, factories or industries etc., the vaastu shastra should be strictly followed without fail. Even a small vaastu defect can lead to huge losses. Hence, it is necessary to know the vaastu principles for shop and other working places. The location and shape of the plot is more important for a shop or any commercial set up.

3. If you want to construct a shop in your house for your own purpose, it should not be constructed in the North-east side of the main building.

4. The cleaned water of a shop or building should be drained out into the East or North side without touching the North-east corner.

5. The shelves should be arranged in such a way that heavy goods, articles etc., are kept in the South, West and South-west sides. These shelves can be made on walls also. The shelves on the North and East should be small and the North-east side should be avoided with loading of articles.

6. More goods or articles should be kept in the West or South sides when compared to the East or North side. After the sale of goods in the North or East shelves, the goods stored in the South or West direction are to be taken out and arranged in the North or East shelves. The North-East corner should have at least one sq.ft. Open area.

7. If there is sufficient space available in the shop or showroom, we can construct a small water hole or water tank in the North-East side and cover the hole or tank by a cement concrete slab. The drainage water may be collected in the hole or tank and discharged outside from that corner.

8. The cleaning or washing works should be commenced in the South-west side and completed in the North-east side. The cleaning or washing works should be done with a wet cloth at the North-east side, where as other sides can be cleaned or washed, by using broomsticks.

9. The waste materials such as waste cloths, old articles or brooms etc., should not be kept at the North-east corner.

10. We should put picture or idol of Gods at the North-east corner and worship by facing the North-east side. This will surprisingly improve the business manifold.

11. The floor levels of the shop or business places should be maintained as told in the earlier chapters. The water poured on the South-west corner should be drained from the North-east corner.

12. The extension or shortage of the shop corners should be corrected at least at the floor levels of the shop, by constructing small platforms wherever the sides are deviated.

Now let us see in detail, about the vaastu principles for the various directions of shops.

General Information in Vastu Shastra:

1. The owner should face East or North or North-east direction, irrespective of the shop direction.

2. The shop servants or salesmen should face North or East direction only.

3. The fast moving goods or the finished products should be kept at the North-west direction.

4. The affliction of vaastu will lead to dull the business and create more debtors. The recovery of the hand loans will be difficult.

5. The advertising materials or name boards are to be kept in the North-west corner in addition to the normal name hoard.

6. The shop should be inaugurated on an auspicious day as per numerology also.

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